ILS Results in FSX seem to be changing?


I have been enjoying flying in FSX and have been flying some of the larger aircraft and utilizing ILS landings at various airports. Lately, my inputs and results to ILS settings have been very frustrating, as the landings have become a struggle prior to touchdown getting the aircraft realigned with the runway prior to touchdown. I have recalibrated joystick settings, checked and rechecked ILS settings, even tried experimenting with different settings and am still getting the same results.

Anyone having any similar problems such as this? Program has worked fine for me since I have been flying with it since loading it just after the Christmas holidays! Any suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Rick

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Thanks RadarMan, there is some good information here. Thanks for sharing. It's strange, for the longest time since loading FSX, I could input ILS heading associated to the appropriate runway in the CRS, and the aircraft would follow it glide scope all the way down to the centerline of the runway without much effort on my part other that controlling airspeed and flare at the end. Just recently, I'm not hitting that centerline the way I did before. I might unknowingly be leaning a bit on the short CH Mach III joystick that I use, creating the off center alignment. I will go thru what you have given me and concentrate on being light on the joystick!

Thanks so much, you have helped so many of us on here and we greatly appreciate it! - Rick

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Software become corrupted after a time, hardware (joystick) wears out slowly and they make you think it's you.
Treat it as you would a gust of wind or bad weather.
Glad to have helped...Enjoy!


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