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I have installed Javier Fernandez' Nimitz & Eisenhower together with AiCarriers2. I can place the carriers (using SH+J) and have successfully landed a T-45. Can I launch an aircraft that I have just landed and/or launch an ai aircraft that is already on the deck? What are the key sequences for arming the catapult and firing the catapult? Are they not, SH+I, SH+Space? I feel the directions Javier gave were not very complete.
I am using FSX-SE. I am running Windows 10 original (not an upgrade). I am also using Java Version 8 Update 77.

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!


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Your best bet is to email Javier and ask him (check the read-me for his email).
Designers are a friendly bunch and will usually answer any polite question.
Good luck and let us know how you do.


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I also have downloaded the USS Nimitz & Eisenhower carriers, twice. They come up static, not underway as advertised. There are enough static carriers I don't need more/. Must have been an error on install but no indication of any kind. I would like some help in getting these ships up and running

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Be sure to have FSX Acceleration or SP2
Also he recommends having


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