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i have just installed the download for tow carriers in 2004 but cant find them to use if i go into settings i can see them there but cant use them i have installed them into the addon folder can anyone help me please

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Tell us a little more about these "tow carriers" and your troubles so we can try them out and see what the problem is.



i downloaded them from surclaro this is the write up on them

Two fictitious nimitz class aircraft carriers sailing. In british columbia.. One on the beautiful lake okanagan ,. And one in the straits of georgia near vancouver.. Complete with landable deck / ils / and arrestor cables. by Robert baum.

I just cant find them in the game to use them

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If it's the same I just downloaded look in your aircraft menu under "FS Shipyards" and you should be able to sail the ocean blue with them.

This is what I was able to find.

By Phil Crowther


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