SABA : Shortest Commercial Runway on earth

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Here is good place to practice shortfield T.O. and landings. SABA in the Dutch Antilles Islands. Found out about this from a doco that was on TV lately - The scariest airports in the world

You will be in for a surprise - - I will not say anything - - but in free flight i selected a baron58 then I selected SABA and load - - - ? ? ?

- - - needless to say there is a way to taxi from spawn point to runway, and after many crashes, I found it possible to take off and land a fully loaded baron at SABA

- - - I know there are ways to shift your aircraft - - but no --- that's cheating !! You have to taxi it ! !!AmtbE8kFX0Z5gRnEJw5vR_GAqGBF

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There is no default scenery for SABA in FSX.

Here is a good one that depicts the short runways and Island

Scenery of Saba Island

with inside

Redisign of all coasts and land class
SABA airport
Citys : The Bottom, St John's, Windwardside, Hell's Gate
Harbour : Fort Bay
Roads and traffic adjust with land class

origin to see site
It is running under FSX SP1 and SP2


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Here is a nnice SABA scenery, available here at FlY AWAY:

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This is a list of the shortest airport runways in the world.


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