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Antarctica4XPlane: interesting news


Hello everyone,
Matthias (maps2xplane) has released versions for XP11 mesh with respect to parts of Antarctica that we have made so far, you'll find here:
- Part. 1 South Orkney Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula:
- Part. 2 Victoria Land and Trans-Antarctic Range:
Paolo (palple) has released two sceneries, the first on Ferraz Bases (BR) and Machu Picchu (PE) on the island of King George in the South Shetland Islands (Part. 1) and the second (beautiful) on the slopes and bases McMurdo (US), Ross (NZ) and Marble Point (US) in Ross Island and the Dry Valleys which also makes use of mesh HD made by Matthias integration result between 3 different DEM data, you will find here:
- Bases Ferraz and Machu Picchu (Part. 1): -picchu-scientific-based /
- Ross Island and Dry Valleys (Part. 2):
Matthias has recently released the scenery of Base Signy (UK) namesake island of the South Orkneys you will find here:
- Base Signy (Part. 1):
On this scenario Ion Fresko (ionfresko) has made a beautiful movie:
- In the Antarctic: Part I - Bell 412 at Signy Island Research Station (XB01):

I point out also the two sceneries produced by Mark (Vampire_T11) of seasonal field in the Dry Valleys, you will find here:
- Trough Lake Camp (Part. 2):
- Wright Lower Glacier Hut (Part. 2):
I wish you good flights

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