Help to configure & Install "Its Your Plane"


We are located in the UK. My son is 14 years old & totally blind. He has installed the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition".

He has downloaded the 15 day free trial for "Its Your Plane" to enable it to be fully accessible for him.

It is taking him a long time to try & get "Its Your Plane" to work.

Hes in the process of trying to configure his computer to make it work.

He has been in touch with the developer of "Its Your Plane" who is out of the country, so cannot offer support to my son to set this up.

I understand there may be people out there using "Its Your Plane", that I am hoping can communicate with my son to try & help him to set it up. He is available by email and on skype.

Hes installed into a computer with windows 10.

My son is quite advanced for his years, so I do believe that with some help from other users of "Its Your Plane", he may be able to get this up and running.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.

Thank you

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