Aircraft instantly stalling out on flight load

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Ran into a frustrating problem just now, and was wondering if anyone had experienced this or (shot in the dark,) maybe had a fix for it.

A little background:
I began a flight last night in the MelJet 777-300ER V2.5 from KJFK to EGLL, with an initial cruising altitude of 29,000FT. After stabilizing flight, I hopped up to 32,000FT. After further stabilization and reaching M0.82, I climbed and steadied flight at the final cruising altitude of 35,000FT somewhere over Quebec before turning over the Atlantic and doing the over water portion of the flight.

I was happily clipping along at that 35,000FT of altitude at M0.84 (right around 300IAS) last night, and saved my flight before hitting the sack. Autopilot, autothrottle, VOR LOC, altitude hold and speed hold set to MACH were all activated at the time of the save.

My current problem:
I go to load my save, trying to knock out a few more legs before having to jet off (no pun intended) to work, and every time I load the flight, my plane instantly goes into a stall. Nose pitches up, and control is lost. There is no way to recover.

What I have tried:
In mid-stall, I try to stabilize by going to the map and cheat-setting the speed and altitude. (Failed)
Opening the .FLT save and changing the speed and altitude entries to 29,000FT and 300KIAS. (Failed)
Recovering from the stall with the use of drag enhancers (Gear, flaps, spoilers in different combinations)

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I know this is an old post and perhaps you found a solution (if so you should have posted it) but I am compelled to a suggestion:
Try to get the aircraft flying straight and level *with autopilot off* before saving the flight, and leave the autopilot off when you save it. This at least gives you a chance to hand-fly the aircraft away from or out of a stall if it still tends to happen when you reload the flight.

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