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afcad FILES I have been flying around Cronation Island and South Georgia neither of which have conventional airports. Although I have installed a few MABS and a BSG flying from place to place without being able to make a flight plan. If I could instal an airport even if it is only a virtual airport at various locations I could then use a flight plan.

So where could i find the information to create a virtual airport.

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Thankyou very much RadarMan for your help. I was able using the ADE to construct a virtual airport at the desired location and therefore use the autopilot to fly to and from that location. Very usefull if you want to find a MAB in the middle of the Atlantic. I did have to put the scenery file inside another file in Add On for it to be seen by FSX so you could call that file say Atlantic and add as many virtual airports as you want. But again a Very Big well done for your prompt and accurate reply. Thanks Old Salt.

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I'm happy that it worked out well for you.
Your reply is appreciated, now others know what to do.


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