XP11 demo problems loading

Safetyguy Guest

Hi all!

Not new to the site but new to posting here.
Been a simmer since 98 and enjoyed the time spent. Time for something new though.

Tried downloading the demo for XP11
took forever to download. My desktop isnt too teribly old and works pretty good. Once the download was done, i tried to start it going but the screen was dark, poor to no image and saw alot of small green and red dots and lines. Couldnt progress any further.

Anybody got an idea where to start??

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Since you didn't tell us the specs of your computer I would have to guess it's either not strong enough to run X or your video card is too old.


Safetyguy Guest

Sorry sir

that very well could be

Intel R core i5-2400 cpu@ 3.10 ghz
Installed RAM 6 GB
64 bit OSx64

Intel (R) HD Graphics card
6144 MB RAM

and thanks for the response

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Thanks for the specs.
It looks as if it's the video card.
8gigs of ram seems to be the norm now for a W10 machine.


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Do you have a screenshot of the issue? It would be interesting to see.

Rick G Guest

Okay, I gave it a try. Demo took over 2 hours to download and install. I had very high hopes for this program, and I tried! My observations, Graphics were terrific, would have been nice if developers could have designed the key command to correspond to Microsoft key commands. I tried to calibrate my CH Products Mach III joystick, demo seem to accept my two axis calibration and labeling, I tried to program my fire button to braking, but never did find the link to braking where I could label. When I went on the demo lesson and they had you make a left turn and practice some, then right turn and practice, all seemed go until I tried Free Flgiht. I tried a flight with a Stinson tail dragger and also another with the Beech Baron and neither flight was very pretty!

I pretty much gave up on making the move to X-Plane 11. If all worked out well, I still would have been constantly reminding myself of the differences in key commands and other things I didn't get to!

I think that someone new to Flight Simming would be very able to learn this program and have a very nice working flight sim. An "Old Time" MS Flight Simmer like myself just can't adjust to the newer and better! I have all the MS "F_" commands in my head and there just isn't much more room for adding more!

I am very satisfied with what I have been able to accomplish with FSX and that is where I will stay! Yes, the graphics and scenery could be better, but that won't ruin my day!

Anyone who tries this flight sim, enjoy and maybe it might be the one for you! - Rick

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