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anyone know Wher can i download a quality 7e7 aircraft ?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

There are quite a few as you see, but none seem to be a large download which usually means that it is heavily detailed.

This looks nice.


crosscheck9 Guest

does any1 think that the 7e7 is a REALLY big improvement from its formers. I mean, it only exceeds the 777 by .01 mach. personnaly, i think it looks nice, but boeing may fall into trouble. what do you think

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

sure, but with a maximum range of over 8,500nm, i think it'll be quite useful for getting out of airports the big clunky airbus and boeing 747's can't get out of. Plus, it can fly farther, so you can take off from a smaller airport and still get to china!

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