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Chris i Guest

Hey all
Well my 9 year old computer finally died. I ha e alk my fs9 stuff in my R drive which is seperate ti my c drive that jas my windiws boot drives etc on it. My question is ca i put my old fs9 drive unto my new computer and have fs9 run witj all my addons etc. I have spent close to prilly 1000 hours or more building scenery afcads addon aircraft etc amd i would prefer not to lose it all. Can anyone walk me through what to do if this is at all possible.
I would appreciate it

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Agent Orange Guest

Well, if you have your FS9 stuff on an external HD, you can simply copy it all from there and install it. One note of caution, though: If your new computer has Windows 10, you will need a NoCD patch in order to run FS9 (Windows 10 blocks any program which uses SafeDisc DRM from running) -- this, however, DOES NOT apply to earlier versions of Windows such as Windows 8.1.

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