ATC Box - it gets in the way already!

Bernard Manningsly Guest

I have lots of trouble with the ATC Dialogue Box getting in the way when im using the sim… its always either in the way of button or dials.

Is there a way of changing the format into a wide box that fills the screen width-ways but is only one or two lines tall (in other words you could put it at the top or bottom of the screen where its not in the way.

Thanks, Bernard Manningsly

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 Simply drag it to a corner of your choice(mine is top left) and you can resize it with the mouse

Les Dawsonsby Guest

Yes Thomas but doing it that way, the system stops the box being really short in height and insists its still about 2.5 inches tall, which still gets in the way of Bo, Diddly.

Isnt there a setting that makes this better ? Do others have this frustration ? It would be top of my wish list for FS2006, along with thought controlled communication with a First Officer by the name of Jolene.

Guest Ed Guest

Do you know about the option to hide the ATC window, unless it's in use? You can set it to only open if ATC is talking to YOU, or if you press the " ` " key to open it. I usually drag it over to the left and make it tall and narrow, so it doesn't block my view straight ahead, and keep it closed most of the time.


Freddie Starrsby Guest

Yes, I use the auto hide Ed but the box still gets in the way when it is there..... guess I'll have to live with it pardner.

I'll try making the box tall and skinny though (I do it opposite), so might be better your way.

Thanks for the advice - this is a good forum you guys got here - might join if my mental problems settle down.

Cheersio Marvin,

yours, Howard Hughes

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