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Currently in the process of making a new site...

Will's Flight Sim Hangar

Let me know if you have any ideas for features either here, by email, or PM on this forum or my forums (when they are up and running)

Would be interested to know which sort of tutorials people ask for alot (RadarMan - you could help here maybe?)

Hoping to get the site started Mid-Feburary ish.

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So any ideas?

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The usual, how to load scenery, aircraft, mesh into the sim.
Install panels, textures, sounds, VC etc.
How to "change" the CFG file.

Good luck with your new venture.


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Also, if anyone can think of a MUCH BETTER name for the site instead of "Will's Flight Sim Hangar" which sounds really boring please let me know here or by replying to the post in my forum

Hard to come up with an original name..........

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New name now: Flight Sim Approach

Thanks for all the suggestions I received on my forum (this has been taken down for the moment)

Im busy with schoolwork atm so will plan to finish site as an when I can!!!

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Unfortunately, the Flight Sim Approach site has been put on hold for the moment as I have school exams coming up soon. I now plan to have it finished by mid-June

However, if anybody would like to contribute with an article which fits in with the proposed content you are more than welcome and credit would be given on the site to anybody who wants to contribute. Just click the contact me link on one of the pages, send me a PM or reply to this post.

Also, I am open to suggestions as to what you would like to see if I haven't already listed it on the pages already up.

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