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Howdy everyone. I'm helping a local science museum put together a flight simulator and need to get a computer purchased for them. They'll be running FSX steam with potentially an ORBX (or similar) scenery addon. We will be projecting a large 1080p image onto a 12 foot screen. A typical flight will consist of mild autogen buildings, terrain, and water. No fancy weather or dense buildings/vegetation will need to be displayed.

They have $1,000 (USD) budgeted to spend on just the computer itself. Not sure if we actually need to spend this much, and if we can get away with spending less, that would be preferable. I've been out of the flight sim world for awhile and would really appreciate any input on what to buy or what hardware requirements to shop for.


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I set up several computer driven interactives at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum a while back. I recommend the controls from Happ Controls. They make arcade tough joysticks and buttons.
For the computer I recommend you get the best video card you can afford along with the most memory.
I've always had good luck with Dell computers. They have discounts of some form or another going almost all the time. Again, you will want the best processor you can afford but most any mid-range CPU will run Steam well.
Best of luck with your project.

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