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I got my CD today - thanks!!! 🍻

Where do I put the GaugeSound.dll? I put it into the "Modules" folder, but when I start FS9, it comes up it doesn't work and then the game shuts down. Did I put it in the right folder?

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It goes in the Main Flightsim Directory.

On mine it's C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator 9

Make sure you read the panel documentation thoroughly, as well as the rather difficult to interpret frenglish flight instructions.

Don't forget that she takes off with a very high angle of attack 20+ degrees i think

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FEM whats with the none scary sig ❓

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Is that better?

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Actually, tomac7 (is that his name) In all his wisdom pointed out that with a resolution of 446x476, that picture takes up nearly half of a PC's monitor that has 800x600 res.

So, I changed it.

I don't realize this at 1152x864, so if i do it again, poke me in the eye and make it known

Thanks ToMaccy

I'll get his name right soonoer or later

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