FSX Fokker Dr1 Triplane 'The Red Baron' missing 'cab file

Tom Bale Guest

I have downloaded this model and just love it. Unfortunately the panel.cfg reffers to
gauge00=FokDr1!Tachometer, 95,108,183,184
gauge01=FokDr1!Altimeter, 8,290,181,180
gauge02=FokDr1!Fuel, 231,296,136,130
gauge03=FokDr1!Compass, 297,94,217,238

I do not have a '' in my gauge folder and it does not come with the model, so these instruments do not show. I have searched for a copy of but have had no luck.

Can anyone help here? I do want to use that file as other gauges do not have the same authenticity.


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Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Check some other German WWI aircraft and see if they have that gauge.
You could also email the designer and ask him.


tom bale Guest

Thanks Radar Man, but the other 3 dr1s' I have do not use that 'cab' file most have no instruments. I have run out of ideas. Someone somewhere must have this file.


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