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At last the package arrived and yes it was the great flight sim. I installed, and it took maybe 30 mins to install not as bad as i thought. My computer is very basic so the scenery looks very average on my computer but it runs fine, i was able to get a plane flying with in 30 minutes.
I have absolutely no idea how to find where i am going i just fly around aimlessly, but i didnt have time before work to figure it out.

Cant wait to get home and play.

onr query i have when u do the instructor flight, is there a bug in it? i was hardly doing anything coming in to land and it went crazy and i crashed and burnt 😞

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When you set up they have an initial introductory flight to show you how to use a joystick, watch that video and then take a simple prop craft and try to land that.
Slow and low, don't come in at a steep angle.


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