Looking for Craig Richardson's MAC Flamingo! Help!

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I've been looking for Craig Richardson's Metal Aircraft Corporation Flamingo model for fs2004 for days now; I've looked on every FS addon library I can think of, and can't seem to find it 😞
I'd really like to get it since I love airplanes of the type, and I'd like to use some of these cool liveries with it: (BTW that website is awesome if you love old school planes, particularly the old school default FS2004 planes!)
So if anyone knows of a website where the model is hosted so I could download it, or if someone has it and could be so kind as to provide it to me, I'd be very grateful! 🙂

Thank you


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Leo2789 Guest

Hey! Just as I was about to give up, I found an obscure page in spanish about civil aviation in Venezuela, where they have a page dedicated to the MAC Flamingo's history and relevance to the country (the explorer who discovered Angel Falls found them while flying a Flamingo!), and they have the original aircraft package for download there!!!
So I'll just leave the link here for posterity, so that people who search for this FS9 airplane can find it a little more easily than it was for me 😛

scroll to the end to the page until the part where it lists "El Flamingo Virtual" and just click on the first image after that title to download the original .exe for the aircraft including scenery for Angel Falls!


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