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747 Cutout during takeoff

Liam H Guest

Just wondering, after starting up the 747400 from cold/dark and reaching around 80-100kts on takeoff my Boeing 747-400 completely stops/switches off. However I am able to restart it afterwards. After a while X plane 11 "quits unexpectedly" on my Mac. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, is there any way to ensure previous flights are not running in the 'background.' When we select the "new flt" option does this automatically discard all other flights that were in process. I was wondering if this may be overloading the system to an extent as well as possibly too much scenery/ moving scenery, and therefore causing my X plane to quit. Although I'm not sure if this would explain the shutdown of my aircraft whilst in a takeoff configuration ( it may be a fault on my part).

Thanks a lot,

Liam H

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Is this the Steam version of X-Plane or boxed/direct?

I believe once you "quit" a flight this should be final - there will be no other flights in the "background" - what you see is what is active.

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