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Richard-SB Guest

Hello all.

I hope that this post is acceptable as I am selling an item that may be of considerable interest to some of your forum members.
It is a replica of a Supermarine Spitfire cockpit, manufactured in GRP and full-size with completely accurate external dimensions. The basic interior is generic with representations of some correct former frames - suitable to equip and detail as you see fit.
The unit was originally fabricated as the home for a flight simulator for our aviation museum but we have several new airframes coming and have run out of indoor space.
I have listed the unit for sale on a well known internet auction site where there are a selection of photos and more information - it can be found by searching for "Replica Spitfire Cockpit" on the UK auction site. I am happy to answer any questions regarding the unit, including discussion of methods for collection/delivery and possibly negotiation on price.
There is scope for series production of these units if the interest is great enough - drop me a line if interested.


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Peter de Vries Guest

Hello! Your message is old, but did you sold the cockpit? And did you decide to produce cockpit recreations? Email me if you can help me! I need to get my hands on a Spitfire cockpit recreation.

Kind regards,

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