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I have been away from MS Flight Simulator for 50 million years. I am wanting to started again

I have gotten together FSX, CH Gameport Flightstick and CH Gameport Pro Pedals. I feel I have gotten FSX installed reasonably well.

To get the Gameport to work with no Gameport on the back of my system I am going through a Rockfire Gameport to USB adapter.

My problem: All Flightstick and Pedal functions appear to work as I would like, expect the Toe Brakes.

I understand, I think, it could be have too many axis for the Rockfire adapter and the USB port.

Question, Will it work to use a second Rockfire adapter, one for the pedals, and one for the Flightstick ? Would that not load down just the one USB port ?

Am I just going bouncing off the walls. Do you know if there is a way to get there ?



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