B787 lack of screens and autopilot panel

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I downloaded and installed a B787.

The model is there, the 3d cockpit is there but the big display screens and the autopilot control panel are missing from the 2D cockpit.

What have I done wrong? or do I need to have already downloaded an earlier version of the model?

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Go back to the download.
Put the panel folder in with the rest of the aircraft in airplane.
Open the download again, take the contents (no folder) of the extra panel folder and put them in the main panel folder.
Check out the read-me, he may explain it there.

If this doesn't work the post a link to the download so Flyaway can check it out.


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The B787 I downloaded is:


No screens in 2D panel.
No outside world in 3D panel

I downloaded a B777 at the same time and it works perfectly.

Can someone check the 787 download and advise.

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