Opensky Airbus 330

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I downloaded the Opensky Airbus 330.

I found 2 problems.

1. On autopilot with heading selected, the aircraft over-banks unless small heading changes are made. it is ok in Nav/Loc when establishing on the ILS localiser.

2. There does not appear to be a 3D cockpit. Just the outside world. Since Opensky seems to use the FSX A321 cockpit panel, I don't understand this. I even copied the panel from my A321 into the A330, but still no 3D cockpit.

Can you help on both issues?


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Thanks for trying to help.

My problem is not a lack of understanding of aircraft procedures (I am qualified on all the Airbuses up to and including the A380),

I want to know where and how in the simulated aircraft model I can limit the angle of bank to a sensible 22 to 30 deg when on autopilot.

Also I need to know where in the model the 3D cockpit is called up and understand why it is not appearing in this simulation.

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