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whats your favourite traffic addon software?

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earthdance Trainee

I have tried project ai, Ive read good comments on ultimate traffic too....

whats your favorite traffic software for fsim9??

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I have Ultimate Traffic and USA roads and they both make the sim alive, they changed it from the washed out MS sim to a enjoyable looking and active sim.


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Ultimate traffic gets my vote. I still remember the first day I took off from LGA behind 10 other aircraft, all recognizable as the airlines that fly over my head everyday...

DonWood Guest

Radarman: I'm sure you've probably commented on this before but can you tell me where to get Ultimate Traffic and USA Roads, how much they cost, how difficult are they to install, and how much they effect performance?

Thanks - Don

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I bought both on CD from Flight1.
I imagine that if you get them both at the same time it would save on shipping, unless you want to download.

USA Roads, no FPS hit at all. I was disappointed at first because I was expecting a freeway to look like a freeway, concrete, railings, divider something like a building.
But after a day or so flying around I realized what a great addition it was.
A breeze to set up, takes very little time.

"UT". You will take a hit at the airports if you have traffic set at 100%. Set it a little lower and it's not a problem.
Takes a while to "manufacture" flights, and to set-up and download new additions but just follow simple directions.

I also use GA_Traffic (free) for the GA airports, you take a big time hit there unless you carefully choose low LOD aircraft, I didn't, it looks great but I do get the stutters.

USA forum if you need it, you shouldn't.

"UT" forum also.


DonWood Guest

darman - thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Don Cheers!

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patw First Officer

Has to be UT, but...... if you really want to bring UT to life, install FSHotSFX and you will hear every AI around you in 3D. its good to have a busy airport but its even better to hear them (every take off, landing/touchdown engine reverse... the list goes on).


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