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New VA Opened, looking for pilots, staff,etc.

Thomas J Kennedy Guest

Hey there!

Just started Niagara Shuttle VA

We are a regional airline currently, looking to add staff, and pilots.

I have vabase as the host , however, i am not sure what to do to get the google maps to produce actual maps instead of it saying for demonstrational purposes, does anyone else know why this is doing this?

Also, the METAR information is not pulling up for the airports within the website.

How can I get an email notification when someone signs up to be a pilot?
Do I take the “ out of the config.php in the area where I place the website link, and the api key?

As for ACARS, I have alot of questions on that...

Also, when trying to type in an announcement....You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's to the first of many flights with our airline! Thank you for helping us t' at line 1

This is when I try to create a news announcement now….i was able to do so in the past, I don’t know what has changed.

Id also like to add things like a link to our discord server, and many other things...

So basically I could use a great help in many areas, any help on any of these things would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas J Kennedy Guest

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Jim Lyman (JimboNH) Trainee

There is a way to convert Google maps to Leaflet, this is not easy, but it does work. You might consider also getting an API Key from google, this must be embedded in the <head> .... </head> tags of your layout.php file, doesn't matter where, as long its before the closing tag. Leaflet works for us, I just refuse the chance of giving a bunch of _________ <-- fill in the blank a chance to get my credit card Number, especially for a VA site that is absolutely free for our members. Below is a link for you to check out our VA site, hope this helps, and you can contact me, Jim through our many contact forms there if you'd like. Good luck , and feel free to poke me there.
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