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Seairtransport VA is looking for Pilots & Staff, Formally Heritage VA, now Seairtransport with a New look, and a whole lot of Pilot Tools, very little restrictions, and a lot of add on's. Utilizing PHPVMS and ACARS flight tracking systems, fly to and from where ever you want. The only thing we ask is to fly just 2 flights a month. We have Seaplane routes, major hub routes, and yes, even "BOAT" routes, which we have 2 on our member downloads for free. Our Staff will get their own private Mail Boxes, and any Sr.Captains also. We at the moment have over 4300 routes, Not counting our Charter or Cargo/Executive systems. You are free also to put your own routes into our system through the 2 mentioned systems. We do NOT Restrict you on any routes, the choices are Yours period. Try us out, if you don't like it, then we have No problem with that. We have been around for a very long time, and our Web Master is a Pro, as you will see if you so desire. So Visit us and check us out.
We are setup for FSX , Steam, 2004 and yes Xplane also. We have 3 different client/modules for tracking to download for free as a member, all work at 100%. Thank You from the Admin Team of,

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Seairtransport Military Operations is now in Full swing, brand new, and has incorportated the Tac Pac system into Campaign Missions, Presidential missions and much much more. We are Currently looking for Staff and of course Pilots. We are always open for Pilots. Our Staff positions will be posted on our Web Site. This is not a fly to and from operation. Carrier Traps are a must, and we will be doing a lot of Missions via Multi-Player and of course the Tac Pac systems. Our members have complete access to Aircraft for the Tac Pac Freeware of course, and Carrier setups. Our systems are running the latest Bootstrap and HTML5, this site is 100% customized and powered by PHPVMS. We offer 3 different Client systems, and a Site that offers Pilot Tools that will be sure to help you throughout.
Thank You , to all and thank you Fly Away, you've always been great over the years !!
Please visit Our site today, you don't have to sign up, but poke us a quick guest book note,
We answer all !

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Seairtransport VA & Heritage VA and Co. Since 2001

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Our New Military OPS site link is;

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