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Float Plane/Water Runways

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I'm struggling to get the default float plane onto the water itself. The engine starts up ok, but because it's on land, it won't go anywhere and I cant get it onto the water to start the flight. Please help?

Many thanks..

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You can download this file here:

It's a PDF document displaying all water runways/float plane bases in FSX.

It's handy so you can easily select a water runway in the airport selection tool.

Let us know if this helps and how you get on - maybe even post some screenshots!

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Excellent thank you. I'll give that a try..

zihamesh Guest

There are lots of ways to get flying with the stock float plane, but an easy way is to change the altitude using the world/map dialog and setting the altitude to 1000ft above the current altitude (which is the initial value in the altitude box)

If you want to start the flight from the water, then select the Grumman Goose, fly to a suitable body of water, land there and change the aircraft.

Bernardo Lopez Guest

Another way you can start a flight from a body of Water is using the MAP.

Simply choose a correct altitude, since this body of Water can be an ocean, lake, lake up in a mountain etc.
Choose a heading.

Move using the mouse the a/c to the Water.

Click "OK"

Happy flyings aand hopeffuly not drownings.

Berlopez Smile

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