Repaint Reg. Numbers on Alabeo PA-38 II Tomahawk

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I'm looking to change just the N number (reg.) on the fuselage on the Tomahawk from Alabeo I have. The basic light blue stripes on one of the paints are fine. That was the original color scheme. I'm sim'ing in P3Dv4, but just downloaded XP11 and the same Tomahawk from Alabeo is offered as well for both platforms. So, I'd like to have the craft in both.

I've been researching some on how to paint, it looks fun. I got the files open in GIMP, but it was a little 'tricky.' From what I've researched thus far, I understand each a/c project is unique or 'tricky.' In this craft fuselage files to paint, there appear to be multi-layers to the skin, a grey, almost transparent lettering on one template block, then the light blue numbers and lines on another template.

Perhaps a little 'interesting' sidebar... I received my SEL in a Tomahawk back in 1980. Interestingly, I found the very plane sitting in a boneyard in AZ. Double jeopardy, as I felt bad to see her slowly rotting in the desert, but then I was also glad she didn't end up in pieces. I 've had the plane in old MS FSX with the numbers I wanted, but it was a built-in feature with that model to give it any reg you wanted. I'm looking forward to adding the sim version, with the original reg. that I flew, to my 'virtual' hanger.

Thank you in advance for help, suggestions, or otherwise. 🙂

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