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Hi all,
I am toying with the idea of getting a sport pilot license. I am paranoid and want to try everything in a simulation world before I dare to do it for real (read: until I can safely land a simulated airplane after a bird strike I don’t know that I’ll dare touching a real aircraft).

Because my goal is to use it for real training, I want to get pretty good hardware. However the computer I’ll get will be used solely for fly sim (I am not a gamer at all). So I want to get something as cheap as possible that will still let me experience realistic fly sim. If I’m more interested in learning procedures than the prettiness of landmarks, do I still need a state of the art graphic card?

For display, I’m thinking VR googles. Mostly because it seems cheaper than 3 monitors...

So here is the question: how much does your full package, including computer and monitor, cost? Are we talking 1500 or 5000?

Thank you for your inputs!


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Yes the best you can afford (video card) is one of the things to get.

If you can build it yourself (many instructions on the internet) 1500 will be a beauty.
If you buy it, 1500 will get you a good one, you'll lower things like scenery, shadows, AI but you don't need them maxed out to learn how to fly.
Start off by taking the lessons that come with the Sim.
Then move on to picking your aircraft.


Percy_notapilot Guest

Thanks RadarMan.
Are you talking 1500$ full set or just computer?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Just computer.
Monitors, joystick, mouse, printer, speakers etc. are up to you and run all different prices.
They have no effect on how the Sim runs.


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