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The activation of Aicarriers2 requires the Java JRE1.5. It appears this is no longer available on the Java site. Is there another Java alternative I can use?

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Good Day RadarMan
Many thanks for the info. Having a ball with my F18 and aircraft carriers! Could you please assist me with the following?
I can`t find "Aicarriers" Installation folder to load the cvn_68_69.cfg into the "con.d"folder.
Can I literally enter any carrier to move it to various positions?
I am a 71 year old pensioner, not too clued up with PCs, but try my best before requesting assistance.
Once again,many thanks.
Regards, Glenn.

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Check out these threads and see if they are of any help to you...I hope so.

Aicarriers, just type this into the search box next to your start button on your desktop (next to Cortana).
You will be able to move carriers.


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