How repaint and make a virtual cockpit Beechcraft Starship?

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I downloaded the Mike Stone Beechcraft Starship. It flies great and is a completely cool plane. I would like to work on the instrument panel and add some personal touches to the exterior.

Would love to fix it up with a virtual cockpit, but if that is not possible for a beginner to do, would at least like to clear out the fuzzy instrument panel that is behind the B737-800 2D instrument panel that the plane comes with. That would give more room to see over the panel when shifting the view. I tried to edit the fuzzy .bmp panel in the texture folder using Paint Shop Pro, by reducing it's opacity to minimum, but end up with a black profile of it. What does the .dds panel do, how can it be worked with?

Also tried to edit some textures on the exterior. Everything I tried to edit on the .bmp textures turned out solid black as well. I tried editing with the trial version of FSrepaint, but the program does not recognize the plane to open it. Tried editing the .bmp textures with Paint Shop Pro.

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Look at these and see if they are what you need.


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