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I am new to both FS'04, and Flying. Please keep that in mind 🙂. Here's the situation. When I am on the runway for take off, I give it full throttle the plan always runs off the runaway before I am at full speed. After a bit of reading, I believe real pilots use the rudder for control on the ground. Now, I am using a Logitech X3D. It has a 'handle twist' that sticks. This is assigned to the rudder control in FS'04 Settings. So obviously I was running off the runaway with that issue. So I went ahead and assigned the rudder left to right controls to the keyboard. The only issue I am running into now is that when my plane veers off in either direction, I counter that by hitting the opposite rudder button, but it always goes WAY off in the other direction. Once this process starts I am unable to control the plane w/o letting off the throttle. Please how can I fix this. Thanks!

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I have the same joy stick and the twist rudder control works fine at the default settings. I expect you are having the same problem I did when I first started using it - overcontrol. It takes a fine touch to taxi or takeoff in a straight line. I suggest you practice taxing along a straight line until you get a feel for how much control movement is necessary.

Don't blame Logitech or MS for this problem. They are modeling what happens with real propellor aircraft. The yawing movement results from a physical effect called P-Force. The downward torque of the propellor blades is more forceful than the upward torque as the blade reaches the other side of its rotation and that causes a yawing movement. It is overcome in the real airplane the same way it is with your joy stick - with the correct amount of rudder pressure. The more powerful the engine on the airplane, the more powerful P-Force will be. The more sophisticated prop airplanes have trim settings for take off that compensate for that but with the less sophisticated planes, the pilot has to do it him/her self.

Good luck and practice, practice, prwctice.

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You can also use the number 5 on the numeric pad to keep all the comtrols centered. Use 0 to turn left and "enter" to turn right. If you have any more problems don't be afraid to post them. That is what the forums and here for.

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Try using the "Auto Rudder" option in Setting > Realism > Flight controls. Using auto rudder makes it much much easier to control the a/c on take off using the twist feature on your j-stick.

I have all realism setting set to hard, with the exception of the rudder. I still have a hard time controlling that surface. 🙄

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