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As a long time user of FSX I have lots of add-on sceneries and airplanes. I recently switched to FSX Steam Edition and it really looks great so far.
I think it would be nice to have the input from all the useers on the various scenery add-ons and how they behave in the Steam Edition.
Do they work in the SE?
Do they bring real improvement?
Personally I have just started and so far I am only adding V3 Megascenery add-ons (I also have quite a few Megascenery 2). I will keep posting my experiences for the benefit of other users.

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Enko Guest

I haven't found any of my scenery or add-ons to not fuction in steam. Seem to all work exactly the same as they did in my FSX Boxed

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BNASchaefer Trainee

I just downloaded the large 46GB World texture addon, on top of several others, and still have the same crappy texture I started with. I've copied everythhing to the right folder I believe. I've followed the directions and everything still looks the same. Any gotchas I should be aware of?

Mealone Guest

FreeMeshX Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0
If the world texture you are asking about is this one, you need to set it up in the library along with a plugin. This is all mensioned in the 'how to install' text or PDFfile downloaded with the software. First add the plugin on (1) Global terrain mesh on (2) followed by all the other addon scenery you have. This will give the GTMS priority over the others.

I think it will hard to find a download that worked perfectly in MSFSX that doesn't work in the Dovetail edition. Either you forgot to follow the instructions while setting it up, or you haven't made the neccesary adjustments that were made in the previous version. This counts for scenery as well as Aircrafts.

Loads of questions in the forum can easly answered in the instruction that came with the software.

Best of luck to you, You will notice the difference When it's setup correctly.

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