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add-on sceneries and FSX Steam Edition

peteramd55 Guest

As a long time user of FSX I have lots of add-on sceneries and airplanes. I recently switched to FSX Steam Edition and it really looks great so far.
I think it would be nice to have the input from all the useers on the various scenery add-ons and how they behave in the Steam Edition.
Do they work in the SE?
Do they bring real improvement?
Personally I have just started and so far I am only adding V3 Megascenery add-ons (I also have quite a few Megascenery 2). I will keep posting my experiences for the benefit of other users.

Enko Guest

I haven't found any of my scenery or add-ons to not fuction in steam. Seem to all work exactly the same as they did in my FSX Boxed

Pro Member Trainee
BNASchaefer Trainee

I just downloaded the large 46GB World texture addon, on top of several others, and still have the same crappy texture I started with. I've copied everythhing to the right folder I believe. I've followed the directions and everything still looks the same. Any gotchas I should be aware of?

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