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Vin4evr First Officer

Does anyone notice a drag after adding more AI traffic?
my comp is p4 3.2Ghz, 1gig of ram, 256 mb video card etc...

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michlin First Officer

Yeah... that can drop your frame rate. Especially if you have all your options cranked up. AI traffic is scenery and any scenery added to what is already in FS9 can slow the sim down. You have to accept trade offs. If you prefer the AI traffic over other scenery consider turning down some default scenery options. Try a lower screen resolution.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Its the old catch 22 situation. When your flying high you can see the traffic in the distance,and the ground scenery is low
but as you come it to land the PC starts to process the scenery and any traffic that is about and thats when it hits you
You have to compromise on lowering one or the other,or both,even on some high spec PCs

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