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Hi there,

I was just wondering about a couple of things...

Wat are cowl flaps?
What is pitot heat?
What is a prop de-icer?

And when do you apply these things?

Could someone give me the answer, then i'll understand aircraft's much better!

Thanks ver much 🙄

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Cowl Flaps

Pitot Heat

The pitot heat is for keeping the pitot tube from icing up when flying in known icing conditions. It keeps the pilots from losing control by way of not knowing how fast they are going.------Very important! (Quote from Leadfoot)

Not sure about prop de-icer, Sorry


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thanks for the info!

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Prop-De-icer probably de-ices the prop on a plane that used propellers instead of engines.

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What airplane are you thinking of and maybe I can help you in a more
detailed way.

You can also go to the Glosssary in Help.

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