Reconfiguring a freeware plane to fly better.

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Good morning to all.

First of all, happy Thursday. Second of all, I'm trying to modify a 737 800 to fly with proper fuel modeling such that it doesn't burn 2000 gal an hour on a flight. It also has the wrong amount of fuel as well. I know I also need to modify weights, so how can I get started in doing this. I'm not an engineer by any means, just someone who is having fun doing this. If I can modify this 800 I would love to uploaded the updated version to you guys. The paints won't be mine though, I can't draw to save my life. lol!

anyway, I need a for dummies guide on how to do this as I feel stupid right now lol! If someone wants me to upload the CFG when I can, I can do that, but I do want to try this by myself and test like crazy. I want the challenge.

Take care and be blessed all.

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