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Hello everyone,
I've been intrested in Aviaton and the technical Workingprincipals of Airplanes and ATC for ages, but I am a newbie to the whole Flightsimulation-world. I recently got myself the FSX Steam-Edition and started playing around in Missions and Free Flight. I know how to get airbourne and eventhough I'm still struggeling with the navigation a bit most of the times landings work out ok. I wanted to start playing multiplayer and tried with the Steam-Servers but most of the times they are just very random gameplay with planes crashing everywhere and no real ATC-Communicatons. I wanted to switch to some more realistic Servers via Direct Connect but I couldn't get it to Work and someone on the TeamSpeak of that Server told me that most of the good Servers could not be connected to with Steam-Edition to keep out Players that aren't seriuos about the Game.

My Questions:
1. Is that true that FSX:SE cant connect to Boxed-Version Servers or is my Setup just not right?
2. If it is possible to Connect to Boxed-Version Severs what might be my Problem?
3. If it is true and I can't enter those more realistic Servers, what would be the best Option of the Boxed-Versions to buy if I intend to play realistic and also wanna try out playing ATC, the description of the different Versions is very vague.

Sorry for those newbie-questions
kind regards

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