Airline Pilot flying lessons the ILS instruction B737

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I'm new to this flight sim but not to flying.  My question is I'm trying to do the lesson with Rod or Ron but he keeps cutting the lesson off.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong but  I get to the seattle VOR and now i'm to track outbound on the SEA 323 to the LOM for Ils RWY 16.  I have the VOR setup and the ADF neddle shown and going right at the LOM but then he says since this lesson is not going well I am going to cut it short?  Is someone familiar to this lesson and can tell me what is going on?  Also I am using a joystick so flying it with my right hand and throttle with the left and then how am I to grab the mouse and click all these frewquencies and putting in courses and changing a/s and half the functions  you to be able to do on the keyboard don't work?  Can someone just get me started on this Flt Sim.  Thanks Sterk03

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