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Planes constantly pulling left.

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I understand that single engine planes tend to steer left on the runway but no matter which bird (singe or twin engine) I take up I am constantly countering this left turn.
No matter how I set the rudder trim they still pull left during what should be straight and level flight. I know it's not my Thrustmaster HOTAS as this works flawlessly in FSX SE, DCS World and XPlane 11 so I'm hoping someone here has found a way to deal with this problem which seems to be particular to FSW.

Any work-arounds you have used or settings I might change would be awesome as I really enjoy pottering around not doing much in this sim. I don't really want to adjust my HOTAS as, I tend to switch from one sim to another depending on who wants to play MP with me and don't really want to be fiddling with settings whilst trying to catch up with my friends who will be (usually) attacking me as soon as they log in (I have some very impatient friends Lol).

Best wishes and keep S&L,


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Never mind, after writing my question I thought I would have one last Google search for an answer and the first post I found explained exactly where I was going wrong!
In my haste to set the sim up I had simply set all Realism settings to max without properly figuring out what I was doing so "P factor" "Torque" and "Giro" were all maxed out. By simply playing with these settings I now get the right amount of steer when taking off and none whilst flying s&l.

Thank you for taking the time to read my question but I have now solved this problem.

Keep flying S&L,
Ian -(Very embarressed!)

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Thanks for posting the fix for your problem, it is of big help to others with the same problem.


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