S-46A Orca

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While this isn't a fictional aircraft I found on this site. I have a feeling I may be ablet o find answers here. I recently downloaded the S-46A Orca package from another site and installed it. The model itself comes up fine and it loads like it should. All of the control surfaces and gauges work as expected. But for some reason when I try to get this jet off the ground it seems to be unable. Like the ground has it ensnared. So I tried using Slew Mode to get it up at a reasonable alttitude and see if it'll fly that way. Instead it noses down about 45 degrees and plummets right back into the ground despite having the elevons pulled all the way back to try to get it to climb. Could it be something in the coding that needs to be tweaked so it'll fly in my case? I've seen it in Youtube videos and it flies with no trouble at all. Just seems it doesn't want to with me. 

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