The Multiple Runways feature in FS2004


It seems that the new feature doesn't serve its cause.

When at the last phase of flight, the center controller tells me to expect vectors for ILS approach runway 12. In the ATC menu I choose to land runway 26. The controller clears me to that approach, and then he adds: "circle to land runway 12." That means, of course, that eventually I will have to land on runway 12 (that's what the tower's controller is going to say...).

So, what's the deal with this new feature?
If I have the option to choose other runway, why can't land on it?
Do I have a problem in the simulator?

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You could be choosing the new runway too late, try earlier. It works for me. rob


I can't choose it earlier. The ATC menu doesn't have this option, until the controller tells me to "expect vectors for ILS approach runway..." Only then I have the option to choose other runways. Anyway, the conroller approves the approach, but eventually the tower won't clear me to land on the chosen runway.

Check it yourself...

Leeham Guest

Maybe you need to land on the runway atc says? but i dont have the game so i dont no (not yet!!!!)

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You also need to land on the direction specified by the ATC. Remember, one physical Runway is two virtual runways - for example say you had Runway 09 - there would be runway 09R and 09L. If the ATC say land on 09L - you should look at your charts and come in from that direction.

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In real life the controller makes you land into the wind if at all possible. If you are IFR they will not let you land with a tail wind or they think you do not want to land with a strong cross wind. Also if you are on approach to a runway that has traffic leaving in your direction you have to go to a diffrent runway to help the flow... There is not a problem, they are trying to make it like real life. if you want to land a certin runway, make the winds favor that runway and you should get it.

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