I was wondering, when i request a departure to the west, why is it that they always give me a takeoff that will lead me to the east, or when i reqest the depature to the north it leads me to south then i have to turn to north. etc.
Any clue what i got wrong here?

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

it is because they have you taxi to the active runway(s) that has/have a headwind. You don't have any thing wrong. Just be patient.

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As "Mypilot" wrote it depends on the runway in use, if the wind is from the West you will be using a westerly runway even if you want to go East. You could change the weather so the wind is coming from the direction you want to go....ATC should then give you that RW for departure.


Ahhhh yes, i should have thought that since it was one of the first rules Rod told me. heh thanks a lot

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