VFHUB - North Portugal Event - Today 16:30 GMT

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

at VFHUB we are holding our first MSFS event at 16.30GMT on Saturday the 22nd of August.
We start at the historic town in the north of Portugal called Rozas and fly west to Virgo, after a short stop we head south to the port town of Porto famous for its Christmas wine and port drink. After a 20 min break we head to the aerodrome Fatima, 55 miles north of Lisbon with edgy terrain and should make for fun landings. After a 15 min break we finally head south for a city tour of the vibrant capital Lisbon, see the Sanctuary of Christ the king, Belem tower and Castelo d S jorge! before landing at the main airport Lisbon.

Event time : 4 hours > Recommend aircraft: Prop that is able to perform between 130-170knts
For further details and to sign up please visit our discord page

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