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Don't know if anyone else has bought this brand new released add-on on CD yet ?

The plane is fantastic in everyway, from the models to the VC and amazing panel.

However the ILS is almost impossible to track (as many have pointed out on FeelThere's forum), and the AP HEADING system dies after 10 minutes in the air - meaning that you can't choose any Headings that ATC give you !

This basically makes the plane unflyable except for taking off and messing around hand-flying.

If anyone else knows what may cause this (the printed manual is very very poor, so it may be procedural rather than a bug), then please stick a posting on here !

I have posted a question of FeelThere's (The Developers) forum too.

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Hey GPS-kid, so we meet again over another of our aircraft!

I must say, I have not had the same issues as you! I did a direct download from feelthere's website, and got the service packs 1 and 1a installed right away. The AP HDG track for me had no trouble.

I have not had the same trouble flying the ILS approaches. I certainly did have trouble figuring out how to link the AP NAV button to the FMC though, but it was remedied by the push of a button!

I have a question for you though, do you know how to turn the TCAS on? I can access it (that panel is probably one of my fav's on the aircraft) but I can't figure out how to activate it?

So do you honestly think that this plane is only good for take off and landing? I've found it to be a joy to fly, and even if the ILS craps out, having to make the landing by hand in either a CRJ or ERJ is not that difficult. I've find most of the systems to be excellent representations, and the pricetag is relatively modest! I paid $35 for my direct download for an aircraft that is cheaper and better than some of the Flight 1 aircraft I've used!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hey Grunge,


Whether or not you experiance the problem depends on what Joystick you are using..... (I'm using the FS Flight Yoke).

Anyway glad to say that all that needs to be done to remedy the problem is to slightly INCREASE the NULL ZONE settings within the Joystick ASSIGNMENTS and Hey Presto !

HEADING workds like a dream and indeed ILS worked a treat !

You're right - with the above issue solved this is indeed a GREAT Regional Jet..... The Overhead Panel takes a little getting used to but otherwise fab !

Maybe better getting it on-line (download) than the boxed version though as I don't think my version has the Service Packs included.

Will download them tomorrow though.

As for your TCAS - not yet, it's firmly showing TCAS OFF on my screen too.... will let you know if I crackit before you.... it's not in the FMC, so think it's the buttons on the lower main panel (somewhere).

What about the Flight Yokes ! They were apparantly modelled on Concorde's Flight Yokes.

Enjoy - would definately recommend to anyone but make sure you get the Service Packs too and turn those Null Zones up on your Joystick !

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

GOOD! I'm glad it got solved. By the way TCAS problem solved. On the main panel, radio-stack, the section on the left under the com select, you'll find the TCAS settings. Press the LSK next to the status of it, and use the frequency tuning knob on the lower right to change that to whichever setting you want.

I've already made several successful flights, and I still feel like there are millions of things I don't know about this plane!

Have you found it to be EXTREMELY sensitive to wind gusts? I never turn off the passenger seatbelt sign! And what about that Altitude alarm (when you get within 1000 feet of your pre-set altitude). I always think that I'm about to crash when that happens! At least PMDG just does a polite beep.

Happy flying

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Absolutely those 3 'hollows' from the Altitude Alarm have had me almost falling off my seat !! It sounds like something out of the 60s hehe!

Great news about the TCAS - I'll follow your instructions next time I get to Sim (hopefully Fri) and see it working myself..... well done for finding it.

Now maybe I can help with the wind gusts a little - yes I have noticed them but I don't think as severe as you are getting.... Now the Feelthere forum talks a lot about how you must increase NULL ZONES on this add-on as it is so sensitive that it will pick up tiny little Joystick moves (even when you ain't touching the joystick) and to make it realistic it WILL over-ride the AP's control and move the plane.

It sounds like your Wind Gusts are a milder version of the problem I was having with the AP HEADING mode - tiny little Joystick signals (that you couldn't even notice) were over-riding the AP HEADING controls.

So go into CONTROLS, SENSITIVITIES and increase your AILERON and ELEVATOR Null Zones to just below half way on the scale - I'm sure you'll able to switch off those Seat Belts signs now !

Fab plane though - flight model is superb!

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