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Hello. I have been using FSX for quite a number of years now, and am considering going on to FSX2020. My question is really this! I live in what has been voted the most beautifull country in the World, Scotland!  I realise that many people around the Globe will dispute this in favour of their own country, and that is a fair argument, but back to my question. As far as I am aware of, their have only been about 2 scenery developers that have ever offered any software to highlight the beauty of where I live, and whilst they are very good at what they have supplied this far, it would be very helpful if the wider development community could address this lack of choice! Scotland, which annoyingly has been regarded by many around the globe as being part of "England", which it is not, has everything a landscape developer would dream of in terms of hills, mountains, glens, majestic watercourses, ancient Cities, Archeology in abundance going back further than many other cultures, a place the Roman Empire could not hold, they built 2 walls to keep the wild men out of their territories in England! There's a cheeky wee fact for you! We have the iconic Forth Bridges, 1 rail, 2 road, we have Castles, we have the Loch Ness Monster, we have the modern Falkirk Wheel, a one of a kind lift machinery that transports barges from one level to another, we have ancient battlefields, we have wildlife in abundance, we have the Royal Regiment of Scotland, we have many Kilted Pipe bands, and so much more! Scotland has fans all over the world, and to finish up and wish you all a very Happy and prosperous year New Year, with the title of a song which I am sure you may have sung, written by our own Bard, Robert Burns, Auld Lang Syne! Thank you for reading this! I have tried to submit this question, but have been informed that it is too short? I am a member of the older generation, no, older than that! I have trouble using my hands, and this has taken me some time to write, and is a painful task. I love Computer games and Simulators, which I admit I'm not very good at, but it is great for keeping the brain going! I do hope I've written sufficient words now? Colin.

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