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Hi I registered to your site and now a pro member.

Tried downloading the freemesh. Still downloading at the same rate as a free member. I have a fibre connection with ultra fast broadband.

So why dont I get the fast and direct download rate ?


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Hi there,

Please try refreshing the download index page here while logged into your PRO account:

Once refreshed, please click on the download button again.

If this does not resolve the issue, please provide the full URL of the file that is being downloaded so we can see what server you have been assigned to.

We will resolve this for you.

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No joy yet. tried three times. Will now let it run for a while to see if it get faster. URL provided above. Thanks for your response. 

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This is the second time that I signed up for a PRO account.

I quit the 1st time because the PRO download speed was no better than free.

Received an email later saying that the problem had been found and had been corrected to provide the faster speed.

OK. Signed up again.

I can still download at the same spped for free as what I am paying for.

Nothing has chaanged so why do I need to keep paying you for something that is not being provided?

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