Alienware AW2720HF Monitor

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I just replaced my old dell monitor with the new Alienware AW2720HF monitor.  So far I'm not impressed but I'm sure it is not set up correctly.

The instructions are not so clear to me but then I'm new to the gaming monitor world.  I know several posts say the FSX sets up the Nvidia to run what it needs but to me the Monitor has to be set  up for FSX.  It's a 240HZ monitor but it just says 60HZ (anoying upper left corner all the time) and max is 1980/10880P. I am running the monitor tryign two different Dell computers with two diferent  cards. GTX 750Ti and a laptop with RTX2060. I have a HDMI connection for the old dell and a DP connection for the newer laptop with the RTX2060.

Any help for the proper setup with the Alien for FSX would be greatly appreciated. I probably have been hitting buttons and got it out of wack so probably need to reset and start over.  Sometimes I lok up and see FPS at 30 and some way higher but last night I saw 7-15 range for a while.  It is a good picture but sometimes I feel it should be sharper if its 4K capable but then I know you have to put 4K into it to get that, so If I'm putting 1980/1080P then I have it set for that it should be HD sharp and I'm not sure it is.  My question I have from the beginning is how do you get rid of the lines that go running back and forth, easiest to describe like on a wing of the aircraft or looking at an airport from the distance is this part of the graphics card the HZ the resolution or the Ram or what???? again I don't know what a high end computer and monitor really  look like maybe I'm looking for something that is not out there?

Thanks for any help on the ALIEN....i MIGHT TRY dELL BUT IT SEEMS SUPPORT IS FOR IF IT'S NOT TURNING ON OR A PROBLEM, i'M NOT SAYING MY IS NOT WORKING i'M SAYING THERE SHOULD BE A SETUP CHECK LIST FOR fsx WHICH GIVES THE BEST DISPLAY.  iF If the graphics card is running FSX then the monitor has to be in a correct setup for it to display correctly.



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