External HD qualities.

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A virus KILLED my computer!!!! No problem. I kept all my files in zip format. I then took the blasted HD from the computer, placed in the exteranl HD tray, plugged it in and WHAMMO!!! I was able to access it, retrieve all my unaffected zips. GREAT!!! I reloaded all the files and good to go!!!

HINT!!!! When FS9 is working the way you want it to, save these files on a CD 1- Modules, 2- Guages, 3- FS9.cfg, 4- Flights.

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😎 Adding "Texture, Planes and Effects" would be a plus, What do you think? It does save a lot of time when reinstalling the Sim. Ric 😉

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If U have several partitions (more than 1) on your computer like I have (D,E,F,G) I can recommend to use Norton Ghost as a back up for system driver. Or any driver. When the Virus hit your computer with that tool U can with in minutes re install your diver like formatting and resetting it. It's save my computers several times

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