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I bought the Aerosoft EGLL Professional back in January from the store, but when I got to the order page I noticed that I had not recieved any serial key to the scenery. Instead is just says PIN_NOT_AVAILABLE where the serial would be. I opened a ticket on it right away, but has since not recieved any answer. Any mods here who can help me with the issue as it's not an software issue, but a store malfunction. I can provide sufficient proof of purchase.

Regards Arvid


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This sounds like an issue that I am having. Purchased the 3D Tower software and no serial number. Raised a ticket and still waiting for a reply. How often is this happening?
Regards Malcolm

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Seems like we have to take this as a loss. Sad since it seems like a big website with many users. First and last addon I bought here.

James Jackson Guest

There is a better way than that, believe me.

Peter Wilson Guest

What about José Antonio Domínguez?

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