X-Plane 11 F35A LII Liveries and canopy - under PC Steam-sw.

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Hi, I bought and downloaded the F35A Lightning II from the x-plane store.x-plane.org. Unzipped it to my Aircraft folder in Steam (Win10) and it works ok under Steam 11.5. However I can’t select the different liveries that came with the download, other than the “Default” livery (which btw is ok…). Would though like to use the Royal Danish Airforce livery as it is included in the download - and I’m from Denmark.
The other little issue I have is that the canopy will not open up. The canopy switch in the cockpit’s right side doesn’t move when I activate it. And assigned joystick buttons to Canopy open/close doesn't work either.
I have of course posted same questions on the X-Plane forum...
Any suggestions are very welcome Smile
Brgds Hans

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